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Hi I’m Rachel! I love making dreams happen.

I believe in authentic learning and that expansion and transformation come from experience and practice. 

I’m committed to supporting you and your children to living your best life. 

My teaching and coaching combines my trainings as a Positive Psychology Practitioner, kids yoga & mindfulness teacher, executive functioning training, Master's in Eduction and Self-Expression & Leadership.  With over fifteen years of experience in personal and professional growth, I have collected a vast collection of tips, tools and strategies to support children and adults in living their most joyous, balanced and successful life.

Positively Me! is a program I created to work in the school setting and privately with both children and adults.

Bringing mindfulness, executive function, study skills and empowerment work into the school system is something I am deeply passionate about. It is so important to support young children to thrive and strengthen their skills and gain tools to expand and grow. 

Redefining Partnership, is a coed community of people committed to practicing consciousness and love. I created these events for adults to have authentic conversations about relationship, communication, and leadership to expand their capacity to be present and uncover any blocks that may be in their way. 

If you’re interested in developing a program in Positive Psychology, Executive Function or mindfulness program for your child, school, or yourself, or joining one of our gatherings, please contact me.

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